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100% handmade in Alexis’ home studio, from throwing and altering the forms to developing and mixing her signature glazes and colours. Using both, a shiny transparent and an opaque satin glaze as a base, she uses her strong sense of colour to select from 10 or more different pigments. Then, by skillfully layering colours, she develops a seemingly endless coalescence of colours. The result is a harmonious, texture-like effect on the surface.  Each piece is original in and of itself but a part of a cohesive style. Mix-and-match to create your own individualized collection. Which ones will you choose?

As a small-town girl in PEI, Alexis’ lifelong zest for the unconventional, brought her to NSCAD University. By 2009, she completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts, Major in Ceramics. It was during this time that she found her artistic voice and honed her skills as a ceramic artist and studio technician. With her heart in PEI and her community in Dartmouth, NS, she now calls both places home.

Her passion for community building and fostering other craftspeople led her to dedicate 10 years to working as the Studio Coordinator at the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia. It is there that she established herself as a community leader; managing artist-in-residence and planning and facilitating craft-based courses for the public. With great growth over this time, came great change and so with this dedication to community and her craft she gained the vigour to redirect her focus on her own studio practice. She can now be found, full-time, in her home studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Her renewed creative energy has been put toward launching her quirky, handcrafted pottery, infused with personality, featuring vibrant colours and textures for a sensory experience. 

When she is not in her studio, she can be found reveling in both the joys and foibles of motherhood. It is in observing and engaging in imaginative play with her children that inherently influences every aspect of her work. The colour choices, sizes of individual pieces, and overall aesthetic of her pieces embody the spunky, wild, and carefree nature of her two tiny humans.

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